Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mid-Week Things + Wine!

Happy Wednesday!!!!! Hope you're all having a great week so far..

Monday wasn't all that exciting. I took the entire weekend off from working out because well, I just needed a break & sometimes that happens. I was feeling it though when I got back on Monday. I went to my arms & abs class & I was soreeeeeeee afterward. My legs were very tired the rest of the day. I know some people freakout when they take time off & I do get a little bit of a guilty feeling when I see all these posts about people's runs on Saturday morning, but I opted to get my hair done back in Ohio & spend time w/ my family instead!


TRACK TUESDAY! I was still a bit sore, but I did what I could. Our workout was 6 x 1 mile repeats w/ the first 2 at your T pace + 12 seconds, the second 2 at your T pace + 6 seconds, & the last 2 at T pace. My T pace is 7:44 mile. I have to say I was having a tough time, wasn't hitting the splits exactly as I should.

Actual workout:
2 mile w/up (10:00, 9:50)
T + 12 seconds (7:56 goal); Actual: 7:59, 7:57
T + 6 seconds (7:52 goal); Actual: 7:54, 7:51
T pace (7:44 goal); Actual: 7:41
.5 mile c/down
Wheels came off after the 5th mile, I made it one lap into 6 and legs felt like jello so I pulled the plug.
Total: 8.2 miles

Corrie & I went to Juice Bar & I tried one of their Grab the Gold bars, anyone ever had these? It's a chocolate peanut butter bar w/ 193 calories & is gluten free. It is SO good...grab one next time you see it!
That night my neighbor Collette & I went to the Basement East to watch her friend sing and then watched another band who has been opening up for John Hiatt. It was cool to go see some live music.
Then we ran into Clare Bowen who plays Scarlett on the hit show, Nashville. My neighbor loves her & even though people don't typically bother celebrities here, I told her she had to just say hi or give her a compliment before we left, so she did! Clare was super sweet & very shy, but we were lucky enough to get a pic w/ her & her fiance (also a singer/songwriter)!
Also, our wine last week was one Seth bought me for my brithday! I was so frazzled on my brithday that I didn't really get to truly taste a lot of it, but Seth really enjoyed this one. It's from a winery in Napa called, Stag's Leap. It retails for about $60, so on the more expensive side, but it was very smooth & I did enjoy what I tasted!
Any tough track workouts for anyone else?

Have you seen one of your favorite celebrities?

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend + Easy Recipe

Hope you all had a very nice Easter weekend!
We spent Saturday looking at more venues for a wedding ceremony & reception & then celebrated my birthday with my family that night! We had steak, crab legs, cheesey potatoes, rolls, & salad.

My mom made me a lemon dessert since I couldn't eat chocolate as I gave it up for lent & it was very delicious! It was nice to have a lighter dessert w/ our heavy meal!

My sister & I spent all weekend taking pics of our dogs together.

We attended church at 9 am and then went to my aunt's for brunch!
New Recipe:
Cucumber, Tomato, & Mozzarella Salad

  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1/2 c cubed mozzarella
  • 3 - 4 leaves basil
  • Italian Dressing (eyeballed)

  • Dice Cucumber
  • Add Diced Tomatoes
  • Add diced mozzarella
  • Add diced basil leaves
  • Refrigerate until cold, then add dressing! My beautiful sister posing w/ the finished product!
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend & enjoy your Monday!!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Birthday, Puppy Day & More!

My neighbor, Collette, was so kind to get up early w/ me, hit spin class, & treat me to Juice Bar afterward! Starting my birthday off right! (I also probably consumed 3,000 calories that day, what's the saying, "Treat Yo' Self!"
It was also National Puppy Day, must have been a sign now that I have Oliver!

Then it was off to 404 Kitchen for a birthday dinner w/ Seth after work! Seth was proud of his drink pic, so I told him I would post it :).
Our table of food, pork chop, steak, cornbread (my fav!), & Japanese artichokes (they looked more like potatoes).

Brentwood Breakfast Club run w/ our group! I covered 8 miles at an 8:55 pace!
Then it was back to Ohio for Easter weekend & to look at some wedding venues! Oliver slept the whole way back.

It was up early to drop off Oliver to get "fixed" & then it was off to look at venues for wedding receptions!

We had time to stop at one of my favorite pizza places in Dayton, Dewey's Pizza. I LOVE their Billy Goat Pizza w/ white sauce, goat cheese, mushrooms, green pepper, & tomatoes. Their crust is AMAZING, so soft!!
Dinner was at Sweeney's for some fish as it was our last Friday of lent & we just had to end with some delicious bread pudding!
My mom & sister surprised me with some engagement gifts, including a ring holder w/ our engagement date & on the inside a heart w/ our initials S + T, wine glasses that had one side with Siesta Key (location of engagement) & our date of engagement, & some bridal magazines!
Hope you all had a great rest of the week & good start to your Easter Weekend!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hump Day + My B-day

Decided to start my bday off w/ a nice message from Ryan Gosling =)


My friend Emily has season tickets to the Predator Hockey games & her son didn't want to go, so I tagged along with her for my first ever Nashville Predators Game. It was really fun & I'm glad they won over the LA Kings, 5 - 3!
After the first quarter, we ventured down for food & I found the most glorious item. It's a waffle that they cut in half & on the inside is a hot chicken grilled cheese. It was so good, really filling but delicious!


It was a beautiful morning at the track. Started off chilly at 37, but was 50 by the time I was finished. Our workout was 4 x 400 w/ 1 minute rest in between x 3 (a 400 jog in between each set of 4) + warm up & cool down. My goal was 1:45 for the 400s since I just had a tough race.
Actual workout was:
3 mile warm up,
1st 400 splits: 1:55 (not sure what happened there), 1:46, 1:41, 1:51 (ran w/ a friend)
2nd 400 splits: 1:43, 1:41, 1:43, 1:43
3rd 400 splits: 1:45, 1:45, 1:43, 1:42
1 mile cool down
Total: 8 miles

My friends Corrie & Jen gave me some pre birthday gifts of cookies, wine, & some wedding things :) It was a great start to my Tuesday!
And last, but certainly not least, a new wine! It's a 2013 Chateau St. Jean Dry Creek Valley Merlot. I am typically not a fan of Merlot's because I think they are too dry, but this one was actually pretty smooth for a merlot & did not leave a bitter/dry aftertaste where I felt like I had to smack my lips. I really liked this wine. We got it in a wine shipment we had received, so I think the cost was about $35 for the bottle. I'm not sure how much it retails in a store, but you can get it off their website!
Have a great rest of the week!!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Music City Ultra Recap + New Recipe!

I geared up Saturday for a 25k trail race put on by HardWin Adventures called the Music City Trail Ultra. They also offer a 12k and 50k option as well. I chose the 25k as many people said it was a difficult course with many steep inclines & declines & they weren't kidding! HardWin puts on many trail races throughout the year & are sponsored by Fleet Feet. They do such an inredible job flagging the courses & having aid stations with water, food, & friendly volunteers. This was the longest trail race distance I have done so far & it was the first time I used my Salomon hydration pack to practice for the Grand Canyon. I started off with friends, which was great so we could catch up. My friend Heather was taking it easy, so her & I were talking pretty much the whole time (until I started struggling). Within the first mile of the course, there was a very steep climb that we all hiked up & then ran a bit until we hit a steep decline where we were taking baby steps otherwise you could have tumbled all the way down. We hit the first station 5 miles in & that took us about 1:05 (very different from road). We then got going again, up & down more hills until we started seeing people come back from the turn around. I saw Seth around mile 6/6.5 I believe and he was looking solid. We hit the second aid station and saw our friends Shannon & David who were so geat. They told me when I got there that I was in 3rd place for female's & this got me amped up! I never count women ahead of me since I'm a middle of the pack runner, but as soon as we heard, my friend  Heather said, "Let's go, we're getting you a trophy!" She's such a strong runner & could have easily crushed this course, but she stayed with me & motivated me until the end. I was slowing down a bit towards the end & wanted to walk a lot more, but we caught the second female around mile 8.5 and tried to stay ahead of her the whole time. At the end, Heather grabbed by hand & we ran it in together finishing 2nd & 3rd female's overall! I've never placed in a race, so this was a great feeling to me! I know a lot of the other people were treating it as a training run, but I was proud of myself for hanging on until the end. I couldn't have done it without my fellow runner friend, Heather! I'm again, so thankful I have people around me willing to pace me & stick with me versus finishing strong on their own. THANK YOU to everyone out there for volunteering, HardWin for putting on the race, & my fleet feet friends who motivate me everyday! I've put a few pictures below from our day at the trails!
Corrie, Sam, Seth & I after all finishing!
Heather & I after finishing with our trophys!!!
Kerry & I w/ our trophy's! He got a grandmaster's award for finishing in his age group!
Afterward, Corrie & I sat by the fire for some pizza! What a great, fun day!!

That night Seth & I tried out FlipSide in 12South area. I tried out their Black Cat cocktail & Seth had their Cherry Cola Old Fashioned. I had the Memphis topping on my flattened, breaded chicken & Seth had the Elvis. It's a cute, old school atmostphere inside, but my food was just average. Their tots were falling apart & I like mine more crispy, so it was hard putting them on a fork to dip them. The chicken was pretty good, but I didn't LOVE it like I had hoped. Check out their menu HERE.

Sunday we met up w/ friends at the Nature Center at Percy Warner Park to run blue, candy cane, & red trail to get our 2 hours in. In 1:48, we covered about 8.3 miles. I didn't believe it when it said I only burned 447 calories in that amount of time, but I guess we were going fairly slow...

And now, my new recipe!! Healthy Buffalo Chicken Bowls 

  • Directions:



    Anyone else have a fun race this weekend?

    Have you ever had anyone help you finish a race or have you ever helped anyone?

    Saturday, March 19, 2016

    Born to Run + Race Prep!

    6 am spinning once again! I prefer to cross train on Wednesdays to give myself a break between track speed sessions and Thursday's breakfast club runs so my legs can recover. I am thinking I need to keep this as part of my training plan for marathon training this fall.
    After work we went to Red Pony for dinner in downtown Franklin & then we headed over to Franklin Theater for a viewing of a documentary on Micah True aka Caballo Blanco (white horse). Micah was an American Ulra Runner who became the main character in the book, Born To Run. CLICK HERE to purchase through Amazon.
    The book was written by Christopher McDougall and began when he had a nagging question, Why does my foot hurt? To figure this out, he set off to find a tribe (The Tarahumara) of the world’s greatest distance runners and learn their secrets. They are an isolaed tribe by the most savage terrain in North America. The Tarahumara Indians reside in Mexico’s deadly Copper Canyons and for centuries they have practiced techniques that allow them to run hundreds of miles without rest. I think in the movie, Caballo said he was running about 170 miles per week (around 22 per day). With the help of Caballo Blanco, a loner who lives among the tribe, the author was able to uncover the secrets of the Tarahumara. In 2003, Caballo organized a 50 mile ultra race through the canyon & very well known runners, including Scott Jurek, came from all over to challenge themselves in this race with the Tarahumara. I won't spoil the end of the race, but it's a very exciting book to read & will help you understand more about running. It's being made into a movie w/ Matthew McConaughey as Caballo Blanco.

    Started off St. Patrick's Day w/ a 6 mile Brentwood Breakfast Club in 12 South area. It was very hilly route, but I ended up w/ a 9:00 minute pace.
    Instead of eating at Frothy Monkey, I headed over to Five Daughters Bakery because I had been dying to try it! They are usually either out of donuts when I try to go or the line is insanely long because they have gotten so popular. I tried the Maple Glaze & Vanilla Cream & both were AMAZING! They also have gluten free & paleo donuts to accomodate all diets! Please visit them here if you come to Nashville!
    Then it was time for one of the most exciting times of the year NCAA!!!!!! We headed out of work at bit early to watch some games & of course have a green beer in honor of St. Patrick's Day!
    I'm pretty sure it was beer w/ green food coloring versus an actual green beer, so I only had one b/c it stained my fingers, LOL.

    I took the day off from running & rested. I watched a bit more of the NCAA games throughout the afternoon at work in our lunchroom (Did Michigan state ruin anyone else's bracket? Ugh!). That night we ordered pizza & I prepped for my trail race this morning! First time using the new pack!
    Wish me luck, 25k trail race, here I come!!

    Anyone else racing today?

    Anyone do anything exciting for St. Patrick's Day!